Past Activities

The European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee (EEVC) has undertaken various research initiatives through specialized Working Groups over the years. Here are some notable past activities:

WG01: Accident Data (1974)

Focused on collecting and analyzing accident data to understand patterns and identify areas for safety improvement.

WG02: Potential Safety Improvements (1974)

Explored potential safety enhancements across different aspects of vehicle design and operation.

WG03: Human Tolerance Levels and Occupant Protection Evaluation Techniques (1974)

Investigated human tolerance levels to impacts and developed techniques for evaluating occupant protection measures.

WG04: Biomechanics (1976)

Studied the biomechanics of impacts to better understand how human bodies react to different crash scenarios.

WG05: Impact Test Procedures (1979)

Developed standardized procedures for conducting impact tests to assess vehicle safety performance.

WG06: Structures for Improved Side Protection in Europe (1979)

Examined and proposed structural enhancements to vehicles to improve side impact protection.

WG07: Pedestrian Safety (1982)

Focused on measures to enhance pedestrian safety, including vehicle design and road infrastructure.

WG08: Cycle and Two Wheeler Accidents (1985)

Investigated accidents involving bicycles and two-wheelers to develop strategies for reducing associated injuries.

WG09: Side Impact Test Procedures (1988)

Developed specific test procedures for evaluating vehicle safety performance in side impact collisions.

WG10: Pedestrian Protection (1989)

Continued efforts to improve pedestrian safety, with a focus on vehicle design features and crash mitigation technologies.

WG11: Frontal Impact (1994)

Addressed frontal impact collisions, aiming to enhance vehicle safety measures and minimize occupant injuries in such incidents.

These Working Groups have played a crucial role in advancing vehicle safety standards and technologies, contributing significantly to reducing injuries and fatalities on European roads.