The European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee (EEVC) is actively engaged in various research endeavors through its specialized Working Groups. Here’s an overview of its current activities:

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee oversees the strategic direction and coordination of the EEVC’s activities. Comprising representatives from member nations, it guides the organization’s efforts towards enhancing vehicle safety standards.

Task Forces

  • TF: Q Dummy Chest and Abdominal Injury Criteria: This task force focuses on refining injury criteria for the Q dummy’s chest and abdominal regions. By enhancing the accuracy of injury assessment, it aims to improve the effectiveness of crash test dummies in evaluating vehicle safety performance.
  • TF: THOR Evaluation for Frontal Impact Regulation (TEFIRE): This task force is dedicated to evaluating THOR dummies for their suitability in frontal impact regulation assessments. THOR dummies are advanced anthropomorphic test devices used in crash testing to simulate human responses. TEFIRE ensures that THOR dummies meet regulatory standards for frontal impact testing.

Working Groups

  • WG12: Crash Dummies: This working group focuses on advancing the development and utilization of crash test dummies in vehicle safety research. It explores innovations in dummy design, instrumentation, and data analysis techniques to enhance their effectiveness in simulating human responses to crashes.
  • WG21: Accident Studies: WG21 conducts in-depth studies on accident data to identify trends, risk factors, and opportunities for improving vehicle safety measures. By analyzing real-world crash scenarios, this group provides valuable insights for the development of safer vehicle designs and road safety strategies.

Temporarily Inactive Working Groups

While some Working Groups are currently inactive, they have previously contributed significantly to the EEVC’s research efforts. These groups include:

  • WG13: Side Impact
  • WG14: Under-run
  • WG15: Compatibility
  • WG16: Advanced Frontal Crash Protection
  • WG17: Pedestrian
  • WG18: Child Safety
  • WG19: Primary & Secondary Inter
  • WG20: Rear Impact
  • WG22: Virtual Testing
  • WG23: Bus Frontal Collision

Although temporarily inactive, these groups may resume their activities in the future as the need arises, reflecting the dynamic nature of vehicle safety research and regulatory initiatives.