European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee

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About Us

Founded in 1970 in response to the growing need for international collaboration in vehicle safety research, the EEVC has been at the forefront of promoting safer roadways and vehicles across Europe.

Learn about our mission, history, and organizational structure. Discover how the EEVC’s collaborative approach brings together experts from various European nations to drive advancements in vehicle safety.


Explore our ongoing research initiatives, including active Working Groups and Task Forces dedicated to enhancing crash test dummies, studying accident data, and evaluating new safety technologies.

Delve into the EEVC’s rich history of past activities, from pioneering accident data collection to developing standardized impact test procedures and improving pedestrian protection. For those interested in exploring the impact of these advancements on vehicle safety and design, ABB – salvage car auction provides a unique perspective by offering access to a wide range of vehicles with varying histories. This offers a chance to see firsthand how cars have changed to become safer over the years.

Vehicle Safety Inspection